University of York, Biology Building


Tilbury Douglas (Interserve)


Race Cottam Associates



“Shortlisted at the 2016 York Design Awards.”

The University of York proposed to more than double the size of their Biology Building by adding three floors adjacent to the existing Biology Building and linking the two halves via an atrium space.

We identified that there would be a need for fire fighting shafts due to the larger building footprint as well as ventilation from the atrium for smoke clearance. The potential for external fire spread was also assessed to determine if compartment floors were required.

Innovation Fire Engineering identified the best location for a full fire fighting shaft and negotiated a protected stair with dry riser rather than a second fire fighting shaft due to the distances, level of fire separation and the ventilation already provided at the top of the atrium. In addition, our calculations showed that the proposed level of glazing was acceptable without the need for compartment floors.

Paul, Pre-Construction Manager Interserve
“The team at Innovation Fire have carved a niche with Interserve by providing an excellent alternative view on many of our tenders and subsequent contracts. This has enabled us to thoroughly interrogate and understand our clients own design and subsequently propose added value alternatives for their consideration.”