Travelodge, Manchester


Marcus Worthington Group


5Plus Architects


£13.1 million

A 7 storey hotel with 200 double bedrooms and a cafe/bar on the ground floor.

Single direction travel distance of up to 21m within the corridors.

We devised an innovative strategy at the design stage by utilising natural ventilation to justify a single direction of travel within the corridors and designed performance based automatic vents, suitably sized to adhere to planning constraint restrictions.

Innovation Fire Engineering devised a cost effective solution to the issue of merging the staircase escape routes at ground floor level using strategic lines of fire resistance and the design of an ‘L5’ fire engineered fire alarm system to provide occupants with early warning in the event of fire.

We used structural fire engineering to prevent over-specification of  the fire resistance to structural elements, in addition to removing excessive cross corridors. Our CFD modelling verified our proposed design and demonstrated that it produced a lower level of risk than following prescriptive guidance.