The Fuse, Trafford


Ellis Williams Architects


Ellis Williams Architects



A two-storey development. The centre will be utilised for a variety of purposes.

The client wanted to allow the building operator flexibility in how they used the space by not providing a suppression system.

Innovation Fire Engineering utilised compartmentation and an ‘L5’ fire engineered fire alarm system, specific to the building to ensure fire safety. The means of escape were designed on the principle of maximum occupancies for credible ‘worse case fire scenario’. Our pro-active approach to the design also enabled the removal of an external staircase.

Amany, Architect Ellis William Architects
“It was a great benefit to the scheme that Innovation Fire Engineering were involved at the early stages before Building Regulations, to help us produce a feasible cost effective design. They provided us with an excellent service throughout from promptly providing solutions to justifying changes in the design to helping us reduce the project costs with their creative and flexible solutions. I would highly recommend working with them, if you want to reduce the constraints on the building design whilst reducing project cost.”