The Belvedere, London


Regal Homes


O'Mahoney Pike Architects



A refurbishment, changing from an existing office to mixed use, consisting of 18 apartments arranged over six floors and a commercial office on the basement/ground floors.

Justification was needed for extended travel distances within some of the apartments. Consideration needed to be given regarding ventilation.

Our Fire Engineers undertook trial fire designs to demonstrate that the conditions in the staircase would be tenable in the case of a fire by providing additional ventilation within the staircase itself and an automatic opening vent in the roof of the staircase enclosure. Our CFD modelling demonstrated that the staircase was adequately protected during the means of escape and fire fighting phases. Enhanced automatic smoke detection was used to justify the extended travel distances within some apartments.

We designed an ‘L5’ fire engineered fire alarm system in the commercial office, independent of the fire alarm system within the rest of the development. An evacuation policy was developed for the occupants of the offices in the event of the fire alarm activating within the commercial units and also a policy for the case of a fire occurring in the residential areas.