Tees Valley Treatment Centre, Middlesbrough


P+HS Architects


P+HS Architects



A two-storey new build to provide a range of services including: laminar flow theatres; day patient pods and an outpatient department with a diagnostic imaging department. We were appointed to provide justification for the areas where the design deviated from the HTM.

The car park was vertically adjacent to the operating theatre (very high dependency patients). The car park was not lobbied from the stair and corridor and there were issues with the escape route.

Innovation Fire Engineering carried out fire engineering analysis to determine the severity of a fire in the car park, below the operating theatre. This analysis showed that the design would be acceptable with an increased floor fire resistance.

Using a risk-based approach we showed that the design was acceptable without any lobbies between the car park and the adjacent stair and corridor.

The fire alarm coverage, vision panels, limited fire load and low occupancy numbers were considered to be suitable justification for the staff bases/beverage bays being open to the escape routes.