St George's Tower, Leicester


Clegg Construction


Stephen George and Partners



The existing tower consisted of a hotel on floors 1-10 with 10 unoccupied levels above. The unoccupied floors were to be converted to student accommodation.

There was a requirement to have a fire alarm system in the studio flats that would not cause disruption for the hotel customers. In addition, the top floor height is over 60m and the stair and lobbies are provided with only inward opening vents with very limited free area.

We devised a phased evacuation procedure for the plant rooms and student accommodation floors before the hotel would be evacuated, to limit disruption to the hotel customers in the event of a fire on the student accommodation or plant room floors.

Although the scheme was an existing building and was not required to meet modern standards, the contractor asked us to explore methods to improve the ventilation to the fire-fighting shaft. We undertook CFD modelling and presented the findings to our client.