Signature at Wandsworth Common







A 7 storey care home, including the basement. The development contains assisted living residential suites, designed for senior citizens with supporting facilities and staff and a self-contained dementia facility. In total there are 97 apartments including studios and one-bedroom suites with en-suite wetrooms.

An innovative approach to fire safety was required to minimise disruption for residents in the dementia area in the event of a fire. CFD was needed to demonstrate the design would be an equivalent level of safety as a code compliant design.

Innovation Fire Engineering were involved at the early stages of the scheme and liaised directly with the approving authorities. We used CFD modelling to justify our performance based fire engineered design by identifying the worst case fire locations and assessing if the smoke extraction system would clear the smoke within a reasonable time for the evacuation phase. The smoke control system in the corridors will consist of natural smoke shafts, automatic opening vents, openable vents and mechanical extraction shafts to protect the means of escape.

Fire safety measures will include a sprinkler system, an ‘L5’ fire alarm system (accommodating the specialist needs of the occupants), automatic fire detectors, fire resistance as indicated in the fire strategy and a robust staff-led evacuation procedure.