Priory View, Dunstable


Galliford Try


Nicol Thomas Architects



"Winner of 'Best Social or Affordable New Housing Development' at the LABC Building Excellence Awards 2017" and " Winner of 'Best Independent Living Scheme' at Pinders Awards 2017"

The scheme consists of a four storey, new build, including accommodation for senior citizens. The design contains a central hub with a retail unit, spa, treatment facilities and a café in the shape of a shell. There are also two wings extending outwards incorporating over 100 apartments.

A tailored fire engineered solution was required for fire issues with the central atria and the central hub. Consideration also needed to be given to the special needs of the occupancy.

Innovation Fire Engineering designed a specific L2 fire alarm system and evacuation strategy for occupants with potential mobility, visual and hearing difficulties to ensure minimum disruption for occupants in the event of a fire, whilst also ensuring that every occupant received sufficient warning to enable a safe escape from the building.

Our Fire Engineers provided appropriate passive fire resistance through the separation of the common areas alongside a specific fire management strategy. This provided design flexibility and enabled a stay-put evacuation strategy, thus minimising disruption in case of a fire in any of the apartments or common areas.