Pre-Processing Plant, Oldbury


Fairport Engineering Ltd


Fairport Engineering Ltd



The pre-processing plant was designed to recycle non-ferrous metals and plastics from crushed cars. The recycling plant is situated within a large warehouse and some workstations were approximately 12m above the ground. Our client required us to undertake CFD modelling to check that the means of escape was acceptable.

There are extended travel distances at ground floor level and some workstations were up to 12m above ground level with an extended travel distance to the nearest final exit.

Innovation Fire Engineering used CFD modelling to demonstrate that the smoke reservoir within the building was large enough to allow sufficient time for escape for all occupants, including those positioned at height at the start of the fire.



David, H & S ManagerFairport Engineering
“There was no major revision that had to be done after the fire strategy was carried out, so we made cost savings. We are totally satisfied with Innovation Fire’s quality of work.”