One Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells







An existing Grade II listed former brewery and school house to be combined with the adjacent existing building and the new build, providing 39 bedrooms and entertainment area.

The design featured an open balcony from the bedroom corridor in the new build extension. There would be inadequate protection to the single stair following the proposed refurbishment and an existing external stair has no fire rated glazing to either side; posing potential issues with external fire spread.

We undertook CFD Modelling to provide solutions for the proposed open atrium. The client decided to separate the corridors with glazing, rather than smoke curtains.

A strategically placed fire and smoke curtain provided adequate protection to the existing stair in the event of a fire in an adjacent space. We demonstrated that there were sufficient means of escape in the existing building from the basement without needing to use the external stair, therefore fire rated glazing was not required, provided that the route was not signed as a fire exit. Calculations were undertaken regarding external fire spread to ensure safety.

Belinda, ArchitectHMY
“Innovation Fire provided important advice on the complicated design of linking the various buildings and levels together with five new lifts and three new staircases. The fire strategy included high level smoke vents to the atrium space which were modelled by Innovation Fire for confirmation of opening sizes. Their helpful advice and speedy responses to queries assisted HMY in the design of the building and design variations which arose during the construction period.”