Northern Centre for Cancer Care (NCCC), Carlisle


P+HS Architects


P+HS Architects



A proposed new build extension on the Cumberland Infirmary site to provide cancer treatments. The proposed building was set across a lower-ground and ground floor and aimed to provide a tranquil environment for patients and staff.

The design of the atrium deviated from the HTM as there were no lobbies between adjoining compartments and the atrium space.

We demonstrated that the overall safety package of the fire alarm system, atrium smoke control system, compartmentation, occupancy profiles, alternative means of escape and well-trained staff was sufficient in lieu of lobbies to the atrium. We also carried out CFD modelling with seating at the base of the atrium.

Phil, DirectorP+HS
“Innovation Fire have worked with P+HS for a number of years on complex and challenging Healthcare Projects. They provide insightful and robust Fire Strategy consultancy which supports our design work leading to successfully designed and delivered projects."