Motel One, Manchester


Russells Construction


Hodder and Partners



Motel One is a fourteen storey hotel development with 330 double bedrooms.

We identified that resolutions were needed for issues with fire-fighting facilities, vertical means of escape and extended travel distances within the corridor on a number of the upper floors.

Innovation Fire Engineering undertook CFD Modelling to justify extended travel distances with the provision of an Automatic Openable Vent (AOV) in each of the corridors in the affected areas. AOV’s were used as a cost effective smoke control system and also protected the fire-fighting shaft and the means of escape.

Our fire engineering flow calculations addressed the issues with the vertical means of escape and demonstrated the acceptability of the width of the final exit and an open air escape route from one of the staircases.

We used structural fire engineering to optimise the fire resistance to the structural elements and demonstrated that certain areas of the hotel would not require fire rated glazing. We also identified that a sprinkler system and excessive staircase lobbies were not required, delivering significant cost savings.

Phil, Director, Russells Construction
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