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The development consists of two blocks of student accommodation, the tallest 9 storeys.  The majority of block A and all of block B is arranged as cluster flats.

Justification was needed for extended single direction travel distances within some of the cluster flats.

We undertook trial fire designs and proposed enhanced automatic smoke detection to mitigate the extended travel distances within some of the flats. The enhanced protection also ensures the fire alarm is activated at an early stage of the fire. In addition, automatic opening vents are provided to protect the staircases, as both staircases form a single stair condition.

A stay-put evacuation policy has been adopted, with only those directly affected by the fire needing to leave the building in the first instance, to reduce disruption in the event of fire. The client preferred to install an L1 fire detection and alarm system, linked to an off-site monitoring station, programmed to enable floor by floor evacuation under the control of the staff or the Fire and Rescue Service.

David, Design DirectorWatkin Jones Group
“We made cost savings and increased travel distances (were justified), without compromising safety. It is vital that Fire Service sign off is achieved at an early date and this is what happened, leaving us to complete the design works knowing the layouts are agreed.”