Maylord Shopping Centre, Hereford


DRE Property Services Ltd and Wilkinson





We were asked to update the existing fire strategy for a shell unit to ensure it reflected the proposed works up to the fit out. In addition, the overall fire strategy for the Maylord Shopping Centre needed to be updated to incorporate the new unit.

The required natural smoke vents needed to be located in the back wall of the unit (Wilko store). The changes in the proposed design still needed to work with the principles of the original fire strategy for the unit.

Innovation Fire Engineering provided flexibility in the location of the required smoke vents from the Wilko unit. We reviewed the existing fire strategy for the overall shopping centre to ensure the fire safety document was up to date and reflected the proposed works (up to and including the fit out of the Wilko unit). We added value to the project by addressing the fire issues, providing design flexibility and achieving Building Regulations approval.

Simon, Estates ManagerDRE Property Services Ltd
“The fire strategy report was produced quickly and efficiently and advised in a professional manner.”