Maltby Academy, Rotherham


BAM Construct UK


OMF Derek Cox Architects



Paul, Design Manager,BAM
“Innovation Fire Engineering had a look at the way the building was laid out and reduced the work to the new building. The main thing that was good about the service was Helen’s knowledge; she gave lots of examples of things we could do, but keeping it (the changes to the design) minimal.”

“Winner of Best Education Project at the 2014 LABC South Yorkshire and Humber Building Excellence Awards”. 

A refurbishment of the academy with the addition of four new science labs (to be connected to a block), a sports hall and a three storey Business Enterprise Block - to be built and linked by a covered forum.

We identified issues with the proposed open staircase and the means of escape from the Business Enterprise Building, along with extended travel distances in two blocks. Although the means of escape from the existing blocks did not need to meet current regulations, some areas with inadequate means of escape would need upgrading.

Innovation Fire Engineering undertook trial fire designs to investigate the level of safety compared to a code compliant school design. We examined various ‘worst case’ scenarios to show that the levels of fire resistance proposed would provide adequate means of escape. Our bespoke fire engineering strategy included guidance for automatic smoke detection, smoke resistance separation and lines of fire resistance.

All buildings will be protected with an automatic L2 fire detection and alarm system, specifically designed for the scheme (including automatic smoke detection in all common escape routes and at the head of the atrium space). The building will operate a simultaneous evacuation policy.