LIPA Building, Liverpool


Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts


Brock Carmichael Architects



An existing five storey building split into two parts; the main building and the LIPA Building. Refurbishment work on the Grade 2 LIPA Building required fire engineering input to ensure safe escape routes in the event of fire.

There is a void in the centre of the building with escape routes adjacent to the void. Some of the escape routes at the upper levels are separated from the void by walls with non-fire rated windows.

We undertook CFD modelling to calculate if the escape routes would remain tenable for long enough and if the smoke temperature would be sufficient to affect the glazing. We designed a natural smoke ventilation system to protect occupants in the event of fire with automatic opening vents at level 2 for inlet air and extract vents above Level 5. Our strategy enabled a void to be included in the design and proved that fire rated glazing was not required adjacent to the void.