Howdens Joinery Co, Runcorn


Howdens Joinery Co.


Alan Wood and Partners



Howdens required an assessment of the risk of fire spread to the flat roof and to the main building via the glazed overhang to ensure business continuity and asset protection.

Innovation Fire Engineering assessed the level of compartmentation and sprinkler coverage. The worst case fire scenarios were then chosen in relation to potential fire spread on the site.

We assessed fire scenarios in relation to location, sprinkler coverage and fire spread potential and were able to show that in the majority of fire locations the existing fire safety provisions were adequate to prevent fire spread to the main warehouse. This saved the cost of providing thermal barriers on the glazed overhang and extending the existing sprinkler system to cover the glazed overhang.

We suggested increasing the coverage of CCTV to include monitoring of the flat roof and recommended a section of the flat roof to be re-felted appropriately.