Haigh Hall, Wigan


Contessa Hotels


Paddock Johnson Partnership



A Grade II listed building, built in the early 1800’s is to be refurbished and used as a venue for weddings and functions, with sleeping accommodation in addition to a gym in the basement. The client wished to maintain the light, open feel of the original building.

There were numerous non-compliant features in the building including, a lack of cross corridor doors, stairs which did not discharge to open air and extended travel distances.

Innovation Fire Engineering identified the worst-case locations for a fire. Using CFD modelling we demonstrated that the proposed natural inlet vents and mechanical extraction could protect the escape routes in the event of fire.

Smoke curtains are to be used in other areas to protect the means of escape and provide alternative routes out of the building to compensate for the stairs not discharging to open air. In addition, maximum occupancy calculations were carried out to ensure that the building operators knew the limits for safe evacuation in the event of a fire.