Fosse Park Shopping Centre, Leicester


Bowmer and Kirkland





The project involved the extension of Fosse Park West, comprising of 13 new build commercial shell units. In addition, there was a refurbishment and extension to the existing food court, Food Central, consisting of 14 food and beverage units, 3 retail units and a management suite.

Fire strategies were required for multiple new build shell units and some proposed fit outs in Fosse Park West. There was a challenge with an additional exit into a service corridor in Food Central..

Fosse Park West – The location and width of each stair and final exits on the design were altered due to travel distance requirements and the large occupancy numbers. The two large multi-storey single units were provided with an automatic water suppression system.

Food Central – All units will be provided with quick response sprinklers. The minimum level of fire alarm specified will be an L2 fire detection and alarm system in addition to a voice alarm system to be used in the mall. We provided flexibility in the design for Food Central by demonstrating, through CFD, that protected lobbies were not required between units and the service corridors and the smoke control system was capable of extracting the smoke if it entered the mall from a unit. The unit spanning over the two smoke reservoirs was provided with a fire shutter to stop smoke discharging into both reservoirs. A simultaneous evacuation policy has been adopted for Food Central on activation of the alarm. The exit width was also determined for the expected occupancy numbers.