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A proposed new build mental health hospital for patients with acute mental health needs. The new facility for adults for Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys (TEWV) NHS Trust is centred on the needs of patients, families and staff.

The balance between fire safety and security needs was a key challenge with this project. The need to be able to evacuate patients safely in the event of fire, whilst ensuring that security was maintained was critical. Also, the challenge of evacuation of the patient wings was complex, due to patients in different wings having different types of mental health needs.

Innovation Fire Engineering developed a bespoke package of fire safety systems, combined with a staff led evacuation strategy by highly trained nursing and clinical staff, balancing both the fire and security needs.

From liaising with the Trust and understanding the different mental health conditions of the patients and ascertaining which patients could and could not be mixed together, we developed an appropriate evacuation strategy from the wings, which met the needs of the Trust in all fire scenarios.