Clipper Warehouse Extension, Ollerton


Sladen Estates


Sladen Estates



To add a 14,000m2 warehouse extension to an existing warehouse of approximately 18,500m2.

At the shell design stage we identified issues with the existing means of escape from the protected staircases, which currently discharge to open air, but are proposed to discharge into the warehouse extension. In addition, there were extended travel distances within the proposed extension.

Innovation Fire Engineering used CFD modelling to assess the impact of a fire in the new extension, regarding the amount of smoke produced and the temperature of the smoke. The CFD modelling initially showed the smoke movement along the central bay, then moving out to the other bays as the smoke layer deepened. Slices at various heights above floor level were assessed for visibility and temperature. As the smoke was maintained above head height, extended travel distances were not an issue in the event of fire.

We used the CFD results to demonstrate that the extended travel distances within the proposed warehouse and from the existing protected stairs were acceptable, gaining Building Regulation approval for the proposed extension.