Bromley Road, Lewisham


Clegg Group Ltd


P+HS Architects



A development consisting of four blocks of flats above an underground car park and a row of 8 town houses.

Extended single direction travel distance from the flat to the staircase in two of the blocks and justification for alternative means of escape from a single staircase at ground and lower ground levels.

Innovation Fire Engineering justified extended single direction travel distances in two of the blocks by providing one or more automatic openable vents within each corridor, avoiding the need for a smoke shaft and cross corridor doors. In addition, using Structural Fire Engineering calculations, our fire strategy enabled the optimisation of the fire resistance of some of the structural elements.

In order to ensure adequate fire safety, each block was protected with an automatic fire detection and alarm system designed specifically for the project. Our justification of the proposed design ensured that the project did not need to be re-designed, preventing costly delays, whilst also delivering cost savings.

Kevin, Design Manager, Clegg Group
“The service was prompt and precise. We use Innovation Fire for everything that requires fire engineering, so that says it all.”