Ayyappa Thejus Mohan

Ayyappa Mohan

Fire Engineer

Ayyappa specialises in critical analysis of fire engineering calculations. He has experience of working on pyrolysis in Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS) and has delivered training on the ‘Introduction to CFD Modelling of Fires using FDS’. He also possesses advanced computer skills in PyroSim, Pathfinder, B-RISK and Ansys Fluent.

Ayyappa is developing his skills in performance-based fire engineering. He has a keen interest in devising a framework for defining risk acceptability and tolerability criteria for buildings.

Previously, Ayyappa worked as a Health and Safety Engineer performing routine inspections, audits and risk assessments. He also monitored and assessed third party contractors. His other achievements include, Best Student Award 2015 at the School of Engineering, CUSAT.

  • Qualifications: IMFSE, BTech
  • Specialisms: Industrial, CFD
  • Hobbies: Problem solving, public speaking

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