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Excellent Service

Innovation Fire is renowned for delivering excellent service to our clients. We are committed to bringing value to your project by ensuring that we listen to and fully understand your needs. Our services are tailored to meet the specified requirements of the project. Throughout the building process, we liaise with the architect and design team to develop innovative fire solutions. Innovation Fire adopts a pro-active approach to keeping the team informed to ensure that our fire safety engineering strategy is correctly integrated into the design, especially the projects’ M&E considerations.

Our pro-active approach ensures that we deliver excellence by maintaining the integrity of the design in the fire safety engineering strategy. The solutions we develop are achievable and work in harmony with the building design to maintain the delicate balance of the project regarding, fire, architecture, the structure and building services. In addition, our approach ensures that fire solutions are provided at the earliest possible stages of the project to all the relevant members of the design team, preventing delays in the project schedule and increases in the project budget due to fire issues.

Innovation Fire value clients and we take pride in delivering an excellent service. We always deliver our services within the deadline of the project schedule and keep our promises to individual members of the design team to complete a task within the agreed timescale.