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Robert Turner “I was very happy with the service. The Fire Engineers fought our corner to meet Building Regs. and get the best design. If I had any queries I got a straight response.  Innovation Fire provided on-going support.”

Marcus Liptrot “We worked with Innovation Fire on Kings Bridge and were able to achieve cost savings, design flexibility and Building Regulations approval. Any issues were dealt with promptly and we received a good service.”

Dave Roberts “We made cost savings through a reduction in the number of fire doors required and increased travel distances (were justified), without compromising safety. It is vital that Fire Service sign off is achieved at an early date and this is what happened, leaving us to complete the design works  knowing the layouts are agreed.”

David Owen “Without Innovation Fire’s input, the scheme didn’t work. After some deliberation, we secured an agreement from the approving authorities. The technical excellence of IF (Innovation Fire) is very strong to assist with non-compliant layouts.”

Simon Lovell “We were able to achieve design flexibility by increasing travel distances. Innovation Fire’s approach was pro-active and their desire was to provide cost savings.”