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Timber Frame Construction


Newsletter - May 2015 Timber Frame B (520 X 220)

Due to the increased risk of fire during the construction phase of a Timber Frame build (and the associated impact on adjacent buildings), Innovation Fire now provide specialist advice and guidance to enable you to use Timber Frame construction, even where adjacent buildings are very close.

Our highly experienced Fire Engineers can assess the site plan and the proposed compartment lines in the new building to recommend the use of different categories of timber frame in different compartments during construction.  Our innovative approach maintains the maximum amount of Category A timber frame to reduce costs, whilst still mitigating the risk of external fire spread, should a fire occur during the construction period.

The external fire spread of the proposed building can be assessed by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to quantify the exact radiation being received on adjacent buildings and assessing its acceptability. This approach provides even more flexibility to use Category A timber in the timber structure.

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