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Structural Fire Engineering


** COMPLETE FIRE  PACKAGE – Fire Engineering and Structural Fire Engineering **       

(Also available as a stand alone service) Due to demand from our clients, Innovation Fire now offers a Structural Fire Engineering service. Our specialist service can give you significant cost savings, help you optimise your design and reduce inefficiencies in structural fire proofing. Many new builds are designed with excessive, costly structural fire protection, based on Approved Document B. However, this generic fire guidance does not relate to your specific building in terms of occupancy, fire load, ventilation and interior coverings.

Innovation Fire can undertake a detailed structural fire engineering analysis of your design to obtain the same level of safety as intended by the guidance and give you significant cost savings. We use our extensive skills and experience to analyse the behaviour of structural elements in a worst case fire scenario and devise appropriate fire protection, based on the specific risks associated with your building.

Key Benefits for you:

Cost savings – the removal of excessive over designed fire protection, e.g. disproportionate layers of plaster board and thickness of intumescent paint

Design flexibility – from an aesthetic perspective, e.g. reduced column sizes

Safe Design – a robust analysis of the holistic structural behaviour of your building

Do you want to avoid costly ‘over-designed’ fire protection to the loadbearing elements of your build, whilst still ensuring the safety of your structure in case of a fire?  If so, Innovation Fire can help you engineer the most cost effective fire protection package for your building and ensure an appropriate level of fire safety, with our robust and innovative approach.