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Bespoke Fire Engineering Strategy

During the Building Regulations stage Innovation Fire can bring value to your project by solving conflicts with the prescriptive codes to avoid delays and prevent increases in the project budget.

Using a pro-active approach, we seek to optimise the fire design by using innovative fire engineering solutions to allow design flexibility and provide cost savings to the project. Innovation Fire delivers fire engineering strategies that balance the need for cost effective, feasible designs to meet the functional requirements of the Building Regulations and the need to achieve the architectural integrity of the building.

At the Building Regulations stage we produce a fire strategy report to justify our fire design and we continue to provide fire advice to our clients. Our fire strategy report facilitates approval of the fire design from Building Control and the Fire Service.

Innovation Fire brings value to your project by being the direct point of contact for Building Control, Fire Officers and any specialist sub-contractors for fire. This ensures that the Building Regulations process runs smoothly, preventing delays in the project schedule and associated increases in the project budget.