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External Fire Spread

Newsletter - July 2015 (520 x 200)

The fire resistance required on the external walls of a building depends on various factors such as, the use of the building, the distance to the nearest building or boundary, the level of openings in the facade and the fire strategy within the building itself. The aim is to ensure sufficient fire resistance to allow for the safe evacuation of the occupants and prevent the fire spreading and causing damage to neighbouring buildings.

However, boundaries between buildings are getting tighter, due to land shortages and the demand for taller buildings. This subsequently increases the fire risk and the current guidance has not adapted to the new environments and materials. A fire engineering solution to limit the spread of fire to neighbouring buildings is therefore integral to a design scheme in order to maintain the high safety standards that the UK is renowned for, while adapting to new challenges in construction. Our Fire Engineers can assess the specific challenges of each project and recommend solutions to allow increased unprotected areas whilst still ensuring that there will not be fire spread to neighbouring buildings and that life safety standards are maintained.

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